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  • What do you need to watch Sky TV?
    1. Internet connection with unlimited traffic.Minimum connection speed must be from 5 mbps (megabits per second) for 1 device (TV\browser\pc) Recommended browsing speed at maximum quality 15-25 mbps. When viewing on multiple devices simultaneously, the speed requirement increases. 2. Device or app.For comfortable viewing on a TV, you need a set-top box compatible with our service. (You can find a list of available boxes in our Shop) You can also watch on a computer, phone, directly from a browser or by installing the official application. Apps available for:PC: Windows OS(Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, etc.) PC: Mac OS(Apple MacBook, Apple iMAC, etc) Android set-top boxes, Android Smart TV(android 4+, Sony, TCL, Hisense etc.) Android smartphones(Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Oneplus, etc.) 3. Subscription.List available subscriptions
  • Where can I see the full list of channels?
    The full list of channels is available after registering on the site, in the category Channel List".
  • Where can I subscribe?
    You can place an order through the website ShopBy phone number by contacting the sales department: +1 (347) 759-6715Or one of our physical locations.
  • I made an order on the site, when will I get access or a device?"
    Subscription activation takes place within an hour and confirmation will be sent to your email. Delivery of equipment in the USA 1-5 days (depending on the chosen transport company) and your location. Delivery is only available on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 9:00pm to 3:00pmOrders placed after 3pm on Friday will only ship the following Monday. Attention! We do not accept any responsibility for delivery times or any delays during transit. The terms are provided by transport companies and do not depend on us.
  • When does the subscription start?
    Subscription is activated only from the moment of the first connection.
  • How does a subscription renew?
    You can renew your subscription through the site by re-ordering Or through a live operator by calling the phone number: +1 (347) 759-6715Also in one of the physical locations. With a monthly and annual subscription, there is an auto-payment option, so the subscription amount will be deducted automatically every month \ year. When subscribing for 2 years, the subscription does NOT automatically renew at the end of the term. You will receive a week's notice.
  • What are the payment methods?
    Bank card: Credit\Debit.Payment via bank account.PayPal.Payment in cash at the office.Cash payment upon installation.
  • How many devices can you watch at the same time?
    At the same time, on 1 subscription (subscription) you can watch on 3 devices. (TV\Browser\Phone\PC counts as a device) Viewing on 3 devices is available only within the same Internet connection (ip address) When you connect a subscription on a different Internet connection, a message will appear about entering from a different address and viewing will pause.
  • I have multiple addresses, how many subscriptions do I need?"
    To view multiple addresses at the same time, you need a separate subscription for each address.However, if you rotate viewing locations, you can use 1 subscription.For example: You live and use the service in New York, but decided to go to your second address, for example, to Florida - You can watch in Florida by taking a compatible device with you and connecting there (connection in New York will not be available at this moment)
  • How is the setup and installation of equipment
    1. You can connect the device yourself using the included instructions. (Installation instructions) 2. Call a Sky TV specialist to your home for installation and setup. You can order when placing an order, or by calling the phone number: +1 (347) 759-6715
  • Can I add a new channel or movie?
    Of course, we accept requests to add new channels, as well as movies to the video library.You can leave a request HERE. Channels are added based on the number of requests. Requests are sorted by popularity, as well as technical and other features.
  • The channel is gone. Why?
    We reserve the right to completely change the list of provided TV channels (without abusing it). The list of TV channels may change, because we can add new ones, as well as delete channels that are not popular. Added channels appear automatically for you. An up-to-date channel list is always available on our website: Channel list
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